Cloud-Based E-Learning Platform

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Academic Dean Alexandria Language School


The benefits of using cloud computing with the integration of Web 2.0 Collaboration technologies for supporting educational performance in eLearning environment. This presentation presents a cloud computing based solution for building a virtual which combines a wide range of technology, and tools to create an interactive tool for science education. The proposed application is for a fully integrated educational content as well as creating a platform for exploring ideas. The system allows exchange of educational content and integrate different pedagogical approaches to learning and teaching under the same environment. It also offers a module for global classrooms where you can enroll students form different countries and allows collaboration using the web 2.0.

Quick  overview of the cloud architect.
Benefits  of  cloud computing E-learning environment and its architecture.
Benefits  from applying the E-learning systems in the cloud as a fully-integrated system.
E-Learning Model Design for dual system: a) School/University Management – management of educational services. b) Enterprise Resource Planning ERP.
Demo a real application offering all these features.


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