The Development and Evaluation of a Network for Producing and Sharing Video Presentations

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This paper describes the technology and methodology used in the development and evaluation of an online network to help instructors produce and share video presentations in a new and innovative way. The network offers an application and platform for recording and sharing video presentations. The application allows instructors to narrate and annotate PowerPoint slides and synchronize a variety of visual aids, including webcam footage, whiteboard, drawing board, and web browser. The platform uses YouTube API to upload and integrate videos with scrollable slide thumbnails. Quantitative and qualitative techniques were implemented to collect data and report on the usability of the network and effectiveness of video presentations. The results of usability evaluation showed that the network was perceived by instructors and students as effective, efficient, and relevance for self- production and sharing of video presentations. In addition, video presentations produced by participants met the criteria of quality of video presentations.


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