The Future of Teaching and Learning in Artificial Intelligence era (part II)

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1 CEO & Co- Founder Bloom Business School, BBS

2 AI and Management professor


The core of the AI is a model. Now, based on the needs of teachers (as well as students and their families/caregivers), we add another layer to our criteria.  Some AI models can recognize patterns in the world and do the right action, but they cannot explain why (e.g., how they arrived at the connection between the pattern and the action). This lack of explain ability will not suffice for teaching; teachers will need to know how an AI model analyzed the work of one of their students and why the AI model recommended a particular tutorial, resource, or next step to the student. This paper discusses examples of AI supporting teachers and teaching including these concepts: AI assistants to reduce routine teaching burdens; AI that provides teachers with recommendations for their students’ needs and extends their work with students; and AI that helps teachers to reflect, plan, and improve their practice. On the other hand, AI is being able to reduce the amount of teacher attention which have to give to administrative things and increase the amount of his attention can give to his students with their learning needs in the classroom.