Artificial Intelligence as an Emerging Technology for Human Capital


The  21st century  ushered  in  continuous change,  artificial  intelligence  is
already driving immaterial assets of human capital feature not recorded on
nations  and  organizations’  balance  sheets.  This  work  examines  various
points to develop best practice approaches for implementing human capital
with artificial intelligence within organizations. Human capital is categorized
as the economic value of employees’ knowledge, skills, and experiences.
Nowadays,  organizations  must  learn  to  categorize  artificial  intelligence  in
their workforce. Such change is driving paradigm shifts. Artificial intelligence
has  been  presented  as  a  new  approach  to  human  capital  aiming  at
expanding human capability. The major finding are organizations are  faced
with a new human capital category, mechanistic learning and its impacts,
which  must  be  interviewed  into  required  competencies  due  to  artificial
intelligence. A significant conclusion of this work is that there has to be a
transformation  of  job  processes  as  well  as  redesigns  for  the  purpose  o f
ushering in this new era of employees, plus technologies for more effectual
outcomes as collaborative units in this coming fifth industrial revolution  that
is to encompassing artificial intelligence.